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Berlin is the capital city and one of 16 states of Germany. With a population of 3.4 million people, Berlin is Germany's largest city. It is the second most populous city and the eighth most populous urban area in the European Union. Located in northeastern Germany, it is the center of the Berlin-Brandenburg Metropolitan Area, comprising 5 million people from over 190 nations. Geographically embedded in the European Plains Berlin is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Around one third of the city´s territory is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.
First documented in the 13th century, Berlin was successively the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia (1701–1918), the German Empire (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (1919–1933) and the Third Reich (1933–1945). During the 1920s, Berlin was the third largest municipality in the world. After World War II, the city was divided; East Berlin became the capital of East Germany while West Berlin became a Western exclave, surrounded by the Berlin Wall (1961–1989). Following German reunification in 1990, the city regained its status as the capital of all Germany hosting 147 foreign embassies.
Berlin is a major center of culture, politics, media, and science in Europe. Berlin serves as a continental hub for air and rail transport, and is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the EU.
The metropolis is home to world-renowned universities, research institutes, sporting events, orchestras, museums and personalities. The urban and historical legacy has made it a popular setting for international film productions. The city is recognized for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, contemporary arts, extensive public transportation networks and a high quality of living. Berlin has evolved into a global focal point for young individuals and artists attracted by a liberal lifestyle and modern zeitgeist. (source Wikipedia)


Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers

Black Panther/Captain America: Flags of Our Fathers #01 (2010)

Nazi High Command.

Black Widow: Deadly Origins

Black Widow: Deadly Origins #01 (2010)

1956. As Ivan has been injured, Natasha accepts they both take an enhancing serum.[1]


Blade #011 (2007)

Generation Hope

Generation Hope #07 (2011)

The Marvels Project

The Marvels Project #05 (2010)

Just outside Berlin. Pr Bruder and Pr Burstein try to re-create Erskine's formula with the incomplete notes they have been given.[2]

Wolverine: Origins

Wolverine: Origins #08 (2007)

Wolverine: Origins #09 (2007)

Wolverine: Origins #010 (2007)


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