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40.772359,-74.131862,Arlington Cemetery, New Jersey (616) 40.220391,-74.012082,Asbury Park, New Jersey (616) 39.360332,-74.437256,Atlantic City, New Jersey (616) 40.614427,-75.352976,Camp Lehigh, New Jersey (616) 39.364073,-74.423214,City Hall, Atlantic City (616) 40.944935,-73.957676,Cresskill, New Jersey (616) 40.887361,-74.558427,Dover, New Jersey (616) 40.029835,-74.61849,Fort Dix, New Jersey (616) 40.636013,-74.198758,Goethals Bridge, New Jersey (616) 40.477604,-74.626824,Hillsborough, New Jersey (616) 40.743253,-74.0323,Hoboken, New Jersey (616) 40.266903,-74.127143,Monmouth County, New Jersey (616) 40.813534,-74.074377,New Meadowland Stadium, East Rutherford (616) 40.691567,-74.176029,Newark Airport, New Jersey (616) 40.73558,-74.172249,Newark, New Jersey (616) 40.913966,-74.16719,Paterson, New Jersey (616) 40.686439,-74.144628,Port Elizabeth, Newark (616) 40.498235,-74.446157,Rutgers College Campus, New Brunswick (616) 40.65538,-74.389873,Scotch Plains, New Jersey (616) 40.744176,-74.260552,South Orange, New Jersey (616) 40.89749,-74.016008,Teaneck, New Jersey (616)



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