Elements of location

Seems to be under a mountain in Agents of Atlas 09 (2009)

Place of birth

Notable locations



[citation needed]




Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas #08 (2009)

Jimmy goes through the Dragon Corridor with M-11 and arrives at the Jade Claw base, to be welcomed by his former flame Suwan.

Agents of Atlas 08 p23

Agents of Atlas #09 (2009)

Jimmy Woo tries to reconnect with his former love, now the Jade Claw. He gets captured and manages to escape when the other agents comes to his rescue.

Agents of Atlas 09 p02
Agents of Atlas 09 p03
Agents of Atlas 09 p04
Agents of Atlas 09 p08
Agents of Atlas 09 p09
Agents of Atlas 09 p16

Agents of Atlas (vol 2) #011 (2009)

Agents vs the Jade Claw, Dragon vs Sea Serpent, Atlanteans... At the end of the battle, Temugin is appointed the head of the Great Wall, reporting to Jimmy Woo.


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