Flag latveria


Elements of location

Place of birth

Notable locations

  • Castle Von Doom
  • Southern border checkpoint E


Flag latveria


<googlemap lat="45.790212" lon="21.004115" zoom="9" type="hybrid" controls="small" scale="yes">

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46.23498173076303,21.0873031291956 46.26124054215864,20.78994508148254 46.15349130553906,20.60250196481042 46.13053856824343,20.27443674396372 45.93924203804797,20.48873006273074 45.82170502765593,20.63370936705807 45.73418140258482,20.78756667823908 45.6093173765118,20.77766564726893 45.42013143626254,20.97287814516634 45.29392629818036,21.03706797670505 45.45548333127424,21.21020528717558 45.55504090342438,21.43908043006226 45.67129355416051,21.62908128230356 45.80165585582152,21.73379347120919 45.96792808375928,21.62325222594694 46.13136511534883,21.4651723286055 46.23284445426024,21.36174334790556 46.28649708654135,21.22666144790254 46.23498173076303,21.0873031291956

  1. 32CD32



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Latveria is a an isolated European country ruled by Doctor Doom, located in the Banat region. It is surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, and also borders the Symkaria (home of Silver Sable) to the south. Its capital is Doomstadt. (source Wikipedia)


Black Widow & The Marvel Girls

Black Widow & The Marvel Girls #02 (2010)


Blade #06 (2007)

Captain America

Captain America: Reborn #04 (2009)

Red Skull, Crossbones and Sin visit Doom and Arnim Zola who have repaired the secret machine. Sharon Carter is brought to them by Victoria Hand. They use her and the machine to retrieve Steve Rogers' body from the timestream and to put the Red Skull's soul in it.[1]

Prv3706 pg3
Prv3706 pg4
Prv3706 pg5
Prv3706 pg6
Prv3706 pg7


Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Specacular #01 (2007)

Doctor Voodoo

Doctor Voodoo #03 (2010)

Doom sets up a magical force field to keep Nightmare out of his country.[2]

Doctor Voodoo #04 (2010)

Doctor Voodoo #05 (2010)


Doomwar #04 (2010)

Doomwar #05 (2010)

Castle Doom.

Doomwar #06 (2010)

Castle Doom.


Fall of the Hulks: Alpha #01 (2010)

The Intelligencia stores the knowledge they steal in Castle Von Doom. They introduce M.O.D.O.K. to replace Egghead. Dr Doom turns on a tachyon beam to pull down vibranium meteorites but it brings the Beyonder. When they bring the last of the knowledge they stole, Doom betrays the Intelligencia.[3]

Fall of the Hulks Alpha 01 p23

Incredible Hulk #606 (2010)

Hulk fight Dr Doom. As Doom is about to kill him, Skaar appears and fights Doom. It's revealed the Hulk was in fact a robot sent by the Leader.[4]

Incredible Hulk 606 p15

Fall of the Hulks: Red Hulk #02 (2010)

Red Hulk and Tundra infiltrates a castle to steal Dr Doom's time machine.

Iron Man: Legacy

Iron Man: Legacy #01 (2010)


Iron Man: Legacy #03 (2010)

Castle Doom. [6]

Iron Man: Legacy #04 (2010)

Castle Doom. [7]

Iron Man: Legacy #05 (2010)



Siege: Loki #01 (2010)


Sub-Mariner #06 (2007)


Thor #603 (2009)

Doom presents the doombots he's preparing to Loki. Loki kidnaps an Asgardian and brings him to Doom for vivisection. Bill tells Kelda he needs to investigate Doom's activities. He discovers what he's doing with Loki and gets stabbed by Loki's guards.[9]

Thor: Giant-Size Finale #01 (2010)

Balder arrives and asks what's going on. In his dying breath, Bill tells him about Loki. Balder kills the soldiers and bring back Bill's body. Kelda learns of his death, and promises to kill Loki. Bill is cremated with all Asgardian honors.[10]

Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg02
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg03
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg04
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg05
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg06
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg07
Thor Defining Moments Giant Size 1 pg08

Thor #604 (2010)

Kelda seeks Doom to know where Loki is. Doom kills her.
Balder decides it's time to go to war against Doom and Loki. Loki appears and explains that Doom got out of control.
The Asgardians attack Doom but he unleashes some Asgardian cyborgs to fight them. Thor shows up to fight him.[11]

Thorv2604 int 0002
Thorv2604 int 0003
Thorv2604 int 0004
Thorv2604 int 0006
Thorv2604 int 0007

Thor #605 (2010)

Thor fights a Doombot while the Asgardians fight the abomination Doom created. Doom channel a thunderbolt from Thor to ignite one of his machines.
Loki tells the Asgardians that Kelda could be revived if they put her heart back. Thor smashes through the castle's walls to get it but he's attacked by Doom and a new version of the destroyer armor.[12]

Thor 605 p02
Thor 605 p03
Thor 605 p04
Thor 605 p05
Thor 605 p06
Thor 605 p07
Thor 605 p10
Thor 605 p17
Thor 605 p18

Thor #606 (2010)

The Asgardians fight the cybernetic drones while Thor fights Doom in his Destroyer armor to get Kelda's heart.
Kelda is revived even though she doesn't seem very happy because Bill is still dead. Balder asks the Asgardians to move back to Asgard but Thor is still exiled.
Doom works in his lab on samples from Loki.[13]

Thor 606 p02
Thor 606 p03
Thor 606 p05


X-Factor #201 (2010)

X-Factor #202 (2010)


X-Force #025 (2010)


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