Help needed !

At first, this project started as a personal pet project to go along with me reading. Then, the idea formed that maybe more people would be interested in this endeavor, thus the creation of this wiki.

Now I'm not a one-man orchestra and there are lot of skills that I (unfortunately) miss.

Here's a list of things that we'd like to get better :

  • Marvel Universe Map logo

The current logo is what I could do quickly, but I'm no artist. I was considering having the Marvel logo, the Earth (globe/map), and the name of the wiki. Any better idea or execution is welcome !

  • Google Earth placemarker balloons header

Same as for the wiki logo, we'd need a nice looking header for this. I'm thinking maybe some famous skyline in the Marvel Universe or a collage of the most famous places...

  • Templates

The design of the template for the location is really basic for now. It will of course be revisited when new needs appear, but if you have some design advise or proposal, please do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. contact us:

Please note that no money is made out of this website, so please dont ask for some !